Current Muslim trends impacting adversely on Australia

Presentation delivered to the 1st Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders' Summit on "Unity in Multiplicity: Rethinking Wisdom and Peace Together" hosted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Istanbul, Turkey on Wednesday, 14 October 2015. Read More



Unlock your wealth: Seven ways to secure unexpected wealth (2016) Read

Focus to grow: Nine tips on how to stay focussed on achieving important goals (2012) Read

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PINNED: Open letter to Baghdadi (ISIS) by Muslim scholars and leaders (September 2014)

Australian Census 2016 Data: Muslims increase to 2.6% (28 June 2017)

Is there a place for Shari'a Law in Australia? ABC Religion & Ethics (September 2016)

The media’s contribution to the rise and spread of radicalisation (20 November 2015)

A critical analysis of the anthropomorphic and interpretive approaches to Quranic words describing God (13 September 2015)

The place of ijtihad in Islamic law and qualifications of a mujtahid (May 2015)

Prophet Muhammad’s ethical principles in dealing with the non-Muslim community (11 January 2015)

The `Aql (intellect) and the nafs (ego) can have a positive and negative impact on one's spiritual development (18 May 2014)

Peace through self-discipline & empathy (21 September 2011) PDF

Faith and Spirituality in the Post-Modern University (1 December 2010) PDF

Muslims in Multicultural Societies: A Conference Review (17 July 2010) PDF



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Rulings & Guides

Alcohol: Attending restaurants, hotels, meetings, etc? (October 2010)  PDF

Boxing: Is boxing permitted as a profession? (June 2002) PDF

Cursing others: Prohibited or permissible? (2012) PDF

Fasting and Medication (August 2009PDF

Health Services: Guidelines on Muslim Practices for Health Services (Decemberf 2011) PDF

HPV Vaccine: Information for Muslim Parents (May 2007) PDF

Loans: Can a Muslim take a government student loan like HECS-HELP in Australia? (July 2017)

Moonsighting: The ruling for sighting the moon in Ramadan according to the four madhabs: Calculation versus physical sighting (30 August 2014)

Morning after pill: Is the morning after pill permitted? (July 2006) PDF

Music in Islam, permitted or not? (June 2007)  PDF

Non-Muslims: Congratulating non-Muslims on their festive occassions (April 2006) PDF

Police Services: Guidelines on Muslim Practices for Police Services (November 2003) PDF

Tattoos: Ruling of tattoos in Islam (2012) PDF

Voting: Muslim Scholars on voting (2011) PDF

Work: Can a Muslim work in a bank? (June 2017)

Zakat for Dawah purposes? (2007) PDF



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