About Us

Deen Academy is a facilitator of learning and progression, motivated to inspire and develop the human understanding of life and its fascinating complexities.  

It does this mainly through two means:

Firstly, by organising expert seminars and courses on timely and inspiring topics. These programs guarantee superior learning experiences appropriate to all levels of understanding. Deen Academy independently researches and attracts the highest quality trainers and speakers to bring delegates excellence in their learning.

Secondly, by publishing high quality papers focussing primarily on matters at the forefront of leadership, theology, spirituality, morality and inter/intra-community engagement.


Dr Zachariah Matthews - Director and Instructor

Dr Zachariah Matthews undertook Quran memorisation in South Africa from a young age. He continued with Islamic Studies in South Africa, the USA and Australia. He completed B. Pharm (South Africa), B. Sc (Hons Pharmacol, South Africa), Pharm. D (USA) and M. Islamic Studies (Australia) degrees. Dr Matthews has been an educator in leadership and Islamic Studies for more than twenty years through forums such as seminars, workshops and sermons. He lectured for seven years part-time at the University of Sydney's Pharmacy Faculty and also managed a hospital pharmacy department for more than eight years. For two years he was Head of Religious and Leadership Studies at an independent school. Dr Matthews actively focusses on leadership mentoring and development. He writes and publishes on subjects ranging from the ethics of disagreement to spirituality in the post-modern world. He is currently the principle instructor with Deen Academy and the executive director of Just Media Advocacy.


Faiza Matthews - Instructor

Mrs Matthews completed a Bachelor of Arts–Languages (English & Arabic) and a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) in Australia. She has also completed Advanced Studies in the Science of Quran Recitation (Tajweed) and has obtained a formal qualification (ijaazah) in the teaching of Tajweed. Mrs Matthews has been teaching Islamic Sciences for more than twenty years and Tajweed more recently. She is also currently an Arabic-language teacher and IT coordinator in the public sector.